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        10 Science Backed Tips for Stronger Legs

        Leg training isn’t just about appearance – training both your upper and lower body will lead to fewer muscle imbalances and less risk of injury. Training legs can also improve your performance in heavy lifts – because strong legs provide a strong platform for your body to push off – as well as your running performance.

        Alexander Ludwig: Born to be King

        This summer, the biggest action film to watch will be Bad Boys For Life – the third instalment in the Bad Boys film franchise. But while the film reunites top stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for plenty of shoot-em-up action and witty banter, it also features another face that many would recognise – Alexander Ludwig.

        Feel like a fraud?

        Albert Einstein thought of himself as a swindler. Will Smith says he doubts himself every single day. Tom Hanks fears being outed as a fraud.You’re not alone.

        The Rowed Less Travelled

        Four friends from Bondi Beach have clinched second place in the world’s toughest rowing race – the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – finishing only behind British team, Fortitude IV.


        10 weight Lifting Myths: Busted!

        Gym myths are the modern weightlifter’s confusing version of “fake news”. Despite unprecedented access to pro expertise and scientific research, the everyday gym-goer now also has to contend with waves of online pseudoscience…


        Everything seems to taste fresher and more delicious during the summer months. So make the most of all the good stuff on offer.

        Better Pacing, Better Results

        Once you’re a little more experienced – starting to sign up for races or taking part in your local parkrun regularly – proper pacing becomes absolutely crucial to a controlled, successful run.

        Work Up a Sweat

        Summer is a great time to mix up your training. And if you time it right, the heat won’t hold you back. Dive in to these sunny training ideas.

        The Case for Keto

        Sugar and grains are harming your health and the only smart way to eat is to follow a ketogenic diet, says The Keto Reset Cookbook author Mark Sisson.

        Seiko’s Strange Watch Names

        The watch pictured is unofficially called the Turtle. There’s another Seiko watch called the Alien; another called the Darth Tuna and another dubbed the Tuna Can. These are all the Seiko fan-boy names for timepieces in the Seiko line of divers’ watches.


        Can too much protein make you fat?

        Here’s the thing, your body has a harder time converting protein into a non-protein substance, and no study has yet conclusively shown how much protein you can eat before your body starts changing it to fat. Chances are, though, that the protein-to-fat ceiling is pretty darn high, because tons of studies have researched what happens when people eat lots of protein, and none has reported changes in body fat composition.

        Leg Day Workout

        Generally speaking, leg day is most guys least favourite day. It’s big muscle groups so it’s taxing and painful, which is exactly why it’s good for you. It stresses the body out and causes it to release growth hormone, which benefits your whole body. Add this tried-and-tested legs and back workout to your routine and you’ll be well on your way to full-body strength. Now, that’s done, it’s chest and arms next, probably most guys favourite days.

        Change Your Body Shape

        Most people have a pretty clear idea of the results they’re after with their exercise and how they’d like to look, but is achieving an ideal body an option for everyone?

        Star power transformation

        You’ll know Uli Latukefu from Netflix shows such as Marco Polo and the new movie Danger Close, but for his latest role in action flick The Legend of Baron To’a, Latukefu had to undergo a serious transformation to reinvent both body and mind.

        Train like the Green Machine

        Danny Green is proud to say he’s never started a fight, but we all know he can finish them. The four-time world champion boxer has a record of 36 professional wins and has been fighting for belts, pride, purses, family and country for nearly 20 years.

        scared cow

        Can you Go Meat Free for a Week?

        Maybe you should give your bowel a break from meat. Really, you should give it a crack. Studies show that bowel cancer risk increases by 17% per 100g of red meat consumed per day and by 18% per 50g of processed meat consumed per day.

        dwayne johnson

        The Rock’s Workout

        From his glory days in the ring as the WWE’s biggest draw to starring in a recent slew of box office smash hits, Dwayne Johnson, aka, The Rock, has always been a born entertainer. But in spite of his reputation as Hollywood’s resident gym-freak, there’s more to The Rock’s success than weights and workouts alone.

        Review: JBL/UA Sport Wireless Headphones

        JBL make loudspeakers. Under Armour makes training clothes and runners. Both companies have come together to make head- and earphones. It’s like two good friends hooking up who you never thought would. It’s cool, but a bit strange a little unsettling nonetheless.

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